Science & Technology

Investments in the new financial environment.

Investor Support

Industry knowledge

Investing in the Life Sciences and Technology sectors is inherently a high risk process. Expert industry knowledge is essential to mitigate risk and ensure the right decisions are made.

Tech focus

We assist professional investors in independent due diligence, valuations, market forecasts, transactions and expert support in entering and exiting investments in the Life Sciences and Environmental sectors.

Market Research and Analysis

Market Research & Analysis

Identifying the target market size, trends, future projections, competition, sales forecasts, valuations.

Deal sourcing

Deal Sourcing

We help in identifying innovative products, technologies and companies with breakthrough potential in their field. We also identify corporate partners for transactions.

Industry contacts

Industry Contacts

We have numerous contacts in the industry, at a senior and top management level.

Technical and Commercial Evaluation

Technical & Commercial Evaluation

Technology assessment requires special skills and experience. We are experts in Commercial Analysis and Financial Valuations.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Technical due diligence (patents, scientific data, competitive analysis, development plans, manufacturing, etc). Commercial due diligence (financial & market analysis, sales & profit projections, sensitivity analysis with risk assumptions & valuations.

Scientific Innovation ?

What seems like science-fiction today

Could be the
scientific breakthroughs
of tomorrow