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Corporate Finance and Business Development

Dragon Finance A.G. is a Swiss-based company, specialising in Corporate Finance and Business Development activities focusing in the life science sector. It provides best-practice solutions through its team and network of associates.

Dragon Finance is an elite group of senior executives with actual deal-making experience in the industry at the corporate HQ level. We work closely with our clients to put together collaborations and financing in the sectors we specialise. Dragon Finance has an extensive list of contacts at the senior corporate level, on a worldwide basis and across the industry, as well as the financing community. The team's executives have put together numerous deals, including R&D collaborations, strategic alliances, product licensing, acquisitions, disposals, financings and local geography partnering, with NPVs adding to billions of dollars and have expertise in taking companies public.

The need in the industry for facilitating transactions, research collaborations, and the sourcing of finance for smaller companies was the driving force behind the foundation of Dragon Finance in 2009. Dragon Finance can assist investors' portfolio companies to raise further finance through new investors and/or corporate deals that also facilitate appropriate exit strategies and provide validation for public markets. Corporate deals are crucial to small companies and investors therefore can and do play a key role in driving corporate deals, much like they drive IPOs. There is an underlying need for alliances on the part of large corporations in order to fuel growth through access to new products and technologies. Whereas the need for partnerships in general has become the norm in the industry, it is still a very specialised field, where people with expertise are crucial for success and internal company resources are often in need of additional support.

our key areas


Dragon Finance provides support to professional investors and companies in corporate transactions
Deals bring validation, funding, expertise and exit to investors. We bring identification of new product opportunities, industry contacts for corporate deals, commercial evaluation and negotiations, deal structuring, due diligence, advising management and investors until deal closure. We work together with you from the beginning until the end!



As well as selective investment, we have a network of associates and contacts in private equity and public funds. Targeting also specialised investors and unconventional sources of funding, we can provide support for the sourcing of the much needed capital for growth. Identification of potential professional investors, Corporate Advisory on M&A, deal structuring. Preparing companies for public listing: choosing the right stock exchange (European focused), introducing the key advisors. Helping to put together the internal processes necessary.



Business are driven by people. That's what makes the difference! Good management is paramount but often hard to access. We can provide highly experienced skills, solving issues, optimising the organisation, restructuring operations and deliver results. We offer the much needed experience with seasoned industry executives, offering a cost effective solution to meet your objectives. A further key benefit of our outsourcing services is the avoidance of in-house obligations on salary payments and employee benefits.



PREPARATION - optimising the support and facilitate financing or transactions, Dragon Finance performs preparatory work after liaising with investors and their portfolio companies, regarding the technological advantages, competitive positioning, market potential and selection of potential corporate partners for a collaboration and investors for financing.
DELIVERY - we prepare the documents, financial projections, valuations and other supporting information as required. We recommend and agree with investors and/or the company management a list of potential investors as well as provide a list of potential corporate partners and initial contacts. Thereafter, we follow-up and assist in the process with deal negotiations, advising on any relevant matters regarding the transactions and any other pertinent matters which require input.

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